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My Prediction Page, I have been blessed with intuition, the same gift each of you were blessed with at birth, but for some reason, my inner voice and thought process comes up with vibes that transpire into future and current events, that I have no control over but can predict happening.

Today is May 7, 2017. My last update was almost a year ago. Many things came to fruition especially the political outcome of our new President as a woman was not ready to take helm of our Country. Hurricane Matthew messed up the Atlantic Coast a bit in September and the stock market soared to over 20,000 when I had figured it would come down a bit to 15,800, that outcome still has an opportunity however right now the country is still feeling itself out as far as growth and some tech stocks are going crazy and investors are putting their resources in high gaining yields.

Today the down is just under 22,000. The weather changes have been predictable as the west coast had it's share of rain and snow throughout the past 4 months and the Cascades have it's share of snow cap to help replenish to lakes and reservoirs that were down near record lows. Severe weather outbreaks have been in spurts since November of 2016, and will continue in 2017. Hurricanes this year, there should be 3 named storms that will hit the Gulf Coast and Atlantic beginning in the Gulf Stream and in the Carribean.

Music will continue to grow and new artists slowly grab the headlines with new hit songs and old songs from the 60's and 70's make a retro come back as the baby boomer generation I am part of, enjoys the music of old and new hits by new artists. Movies and retro remakes continue, like the Star Wars series and some western movies were made last year but basically bombed at the box office. The Reverant was a hit for a short time, but better movies will be made and animation continues to grow as well.

The World of Rebellion continues as our own country has turned on authority and listens less and many feel they're entitled to something without earning it. Texting, cell phone use to watch movies, You Tube, etc., will continue to grow as people are always on the go and cowardness looms. Drug use among our youth and middle ages continues to devour souls and wreak havoc on the family core. Fewer people are going to church and many have lost their faith in family values and trying to improve relationships. The growth in single parenthood continues as well as an increase in genders changing into trans genders, making the news and states make stupid decisions which cost them money, such as North Carolina did with an issue of bathrooms? Really people?

Mid summer the eastern coast will feel effects of a warmer summer and dry conditions which could make produce prices increase as the central US rebounds from early flooding in February and now into May in the central US down to the southern areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Again, this summer we'll have 3 named Hurricanes, with the letters of H, L and M prevalent in their spelling/sound. Tornadoes will not be strong as they've been in the past with huge outbreaks but regionalized.

ISIS continues to grow in small numbers as it reorganizes with younger leaders moving up the ranks and they will move towards creating havoc in countries where terror has been almost nill, such as north central Africa and the Italian province and Greece.

I will have another update late this summer! Stay tuned!


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